Olympus TG-4 with Underwater Housing and Dual Strobes

TG-4 with Dual Strobes

I started last year with the Olympus TG-4 camera, Olympus PT056 underwater housing, Ultralight tray and arms, and YS-01 strobe.  This was a great configuration and I especially liked it for macro photography.

With confidence, I entered the Bluewater SoCal Shootout photography contest and the day I was shooting, wide angle shots of black sea bass ended up being the primary target.  My best shot was a portrait shot that I entered in the contest and won a second strobe!  Now I have a Sea & Sea YS-D2 strobe as well.  Of course I had to invest in a tray adaptor and extra arms to put it all together. The result is seen in the attached photo.

The settings on the TG-4 have changed, actually they are a little simpler. I no longer need the slave flash setting.  I tried to find out why.  They only answer I got was that the electronics of the YS-D2 are different than the YS-01 and it is not necessary. I have the YS-D2 connected to the TG-4 housing with the fiber optic cable.  The YS-01 fiber optic cable is attached to the output from the YS-D2.  The On Switch on the YS-D2 is set to the first position (lights will be orange/gold).  The On Switch on the YS-01 is set to the second position (single lightning bolt).

This configuration works great and both strobes flash reliably.

In case you want to try to put this type system together yourself, here are links to the products on amazon:

Here’s an image of the setup with the Sola light and I have also added foam supports to help with bouyancy:

Olympus TG-4 with Housing, Dual Strobes and Video Light


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  • martin brandt Link Reply

    I upgraded to similar set-up from a single strobe.
    Do you shoot in priority mode? or other? What settings work best for macro vs wide angle?

    • cathy Link Reply

      I like to use the underwater mode settings for macro and wide angle. I have them set up on the Custom 1 and Custom 2 positions so that I can easily switch back and forth.

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