Entries in BlueWaterPhoto SoCal ShootOut

Blue Water Photo has an annual underwater photo contest for Southern California.  This year it was on September 9th – 11th, 2016.  I did two dives on September 9.  Because the TG-4 is so good at macro, my intention was to shoot almost entirely macro.  However, that intention changed when I got into interaction with black sea bass.  There was a point underwater where a pair of large black sea bass would circle the diver, continuously.  The diver was me and the sea bass were in the same location on both dives.  I took almost 300 pictures, probably 2/3 of them were of the black sea bass.  And the shots did keep getting better, some of the best were towards the end of the 2nd dive.  I entered four categories in the ShootOut and am waiting to hear the results.

My entries:

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