Olympus TG-4 with UWL-04 Wide Angle Conversion Lens

My latest (and probably final) addition to my camera set up is a UWL-04 28mm underwater conversion lens used for fisheye photography.  If you are interested in my complete camera set up, it can be found in the TG-4 post.

We had an amazing week diving at Turneffe Flats in Belize.  I used the UWL-04 on 2 out of 6 days of diving.  I think it is particularly effective when the water is crystal clear and the sun is shining at the surface.  Another trick is to pull the strobes in close and turn the camera to shoot in portrait mode.  The portrait mode allows for an up close subject, divers in the background and sun at the surface. This album shows some of the best with the fisheye lens:

My favorite image is this one:

Don on the Reef with the Sun Shining

Don on the Reef with the Sun Shining

I included a couple of shots in the album that I forgot to zoom in and they show the edges of the UWL-04.  Every new piece of equipment has a learning curve and I definitely learn by making mistakes.  These pictures could be cropped.  The last picture of our boat captain is taken from the water.  I tried to get a combination below and above water shot but so far have not figured that technique out.

On days when the visibility was not as good, I had back scatter in the wide angle shots.  I understand that I might be able to fix these shots with photoshop.  If I get that accomplished, I will make a post with the results.

I have lots more wonderful pictures from Turneffe Flats, Belize and will post more later.

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  • EmeraldCoastUW Link Reply

    These are just excellent shots! Looks like some great diving too.

    • cathy Link Reply

      Thanks! I am inspired by your pictures as well!

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