Virgin Islands Underwater Critters

Had a lot of fun shooting with my TG-4 and dual strobes for the first time in warm water.

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  • Cathy,

    Has moving to dual strobes been significantly different than shooting with one? Do you feel you get more even and better lighting now?

    I’m using a tg-4, ys-03 and uwl-04 currently and considering adding a second strobe for wide-shots, either ys-01 or the more advanced ys-d2.

    Nice shots!

    • cathy Link Reply

      Thanks for stopping by! I think the lighting is better with two strobes but I still feel like a beginner with it. I just got a uwl-04 and will be using it next month in Belize. I went to a workshop at Bluewater Photo which showed the owner, Scott’s super secret strobe positioning with wide angle fisheye lens. I will post about that after I get back from Belize with hopefully some good/great shots.

      The downside of 2 strobes is more weight, harder to maneuver, especially on the surface. On the positive side, besides the lighting benefits, there is redundancy if something fails.

      I am still loading up pictures from the Virgin Islands. I have a new wordpress gallery plugin, Envira Gallery, and had to figure out how to watermark the images. I am not selling the images but just want to try to prevent folks from stealing them.

      I enjoyed visiting your Emerald Coast Underwater site!

      • Thanks for the feedback! Wow, even more really nice shots, BVI or US?

        The uwl-04 is a great addition, can’t wait to see your results!

  • cathy Link Reply

    We dove both BVI and US, 1 day from St Thomas, then 5 days from chartered boat in BVI, then 2 days from St. John. The wreck of the Rhone was a highlight in BVI, I haven’t posted those pictures yet. Unfortunately I had a leakage and then didn’t get everything dried out well and fogged up so no pics from the first dive on the wreck. But great that there was no camera damage.

    I read your post about getting up close for wide angle. I wondered if you use the default settings on the TG-4. I almost always use the underwater mode, Wide1 and Macro. Is that what you use? I have to now remember to zoom in a little on Wide1 with the uwl-04.

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